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Ben A.M. Schouten

Scheepstimmermanstraat  72

1019 WZ Amsterdam



+31 (0)621158908






1996 – 2001


1990 - 1995

1977 - 1983

1965 - 1971

1959 - 1965

Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam

St Nicolaas Lyceum, Amsterdam

St. Petrus Banden, Diemen

PhD in Computer Science


Masters in Mathematics

Bachelor in Art & Design

HBS-B. Secondary School.

Primary School




Work Experiences







2010 -


Lector Play & Civic Media


Director Centre of Expertise for Games and Interactive Cinema

Full Professor Playful Interactions


HVA, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

HVA, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

Eindhoven, University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design

2008 -2013


2006 - 2012


2005 - 2008




2001 - 2005


2003 - 2008

1996 - 2001



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Associate Professor Serious Game Design (Lector)

Associate Professor Ambient Intelligence & Design (Lector)

Subtheme Leader Biometrics and Human Behavior Analysis in Smart Environments

Senior Researcher


Lecturer Interaction Design


Lecturer Interaction Design and Gaming

Founder, CEO


Professional Artist and Media Designer



Fontys, University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven

Fontys, University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven

Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam

Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam.

Graduate School. Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU),  Media and Technology

Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) BV, Internet Content Provider, Amsterdam.

Commissions in the Netherlands and International





2015 -                     Associate Chair Program Committee on Human Computer Interaction (CHI) (Yearly)

2015 -                     Advisor for H2020 program, European Commission

2014 -                     Coordinator of the international master program on Digital Design (UVA/HVA)

2014 -                     Advisor (Games)

2014 -                     Associate Chair Program Committee CHI Play Conference (Yearly)

2013 -                     Chair Program Committee Games for Health Europe Conference (Yearly)

2013                        Member Taskforce Dutch India Science Cooperation (NWO)

2013 -                     Member of the board Dutch Games Association

2013 -                     Program leader Centre of Expertise on Games and Interactive Cinema (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

2012 - 2014        Advisor. Council for the Internet of Things, Europe

2012 - 2014        Chairman ‘Future of Health Award’ (200.000 Euro) issued by CZ Zorgverzekeraars for Innovation in Health Care, 2012

2008 - 2015        Advisor Dutch Cultural Media Fund

2007 - 2013        Advisor for EC 7th framework (FET open en ICT)

2005 - 2009        Management Committee. EC FP7 COST Action 2101 on Biometrics for Identity Documents

2006 – 2010       Lecturer, member of the program committee, member of the jury. Summer School on Advanced Biometrics, Alghero, Italy.

2006 - 2009        Board Member European Biometric Forum, Dublin


Other Professional Activities

Š       Curator. STRP Festival & Exhibition: Dutch Media Art Retrospective

Š       Centre for the Arts & Culture (ZO), Amsterdam.

Š       Imagine IC, Culture and Identity (Cultural Foundation), Amsterdam

Š       Int. Workshop on Ambient Gaming (AmGam 2011, 2012), Amsterdam

Š       DIGRA workshops: 1) PhD colloquium Playful Interactions; 2) Master in Playful Interactions.

Š       PICNIC 2010, 2011: Workshop: Internet of Things & Citizenship, Amsterdam

Š       Organizer Workshop. The Future of Ambient Intelligence. Waag Society 2007


Conference Organization

Š       General Chair CHI PLAY 2017 (ACM) in Amsterdam.

Š       Co-organizer Design & the City, citizen-centered design approaches for the smart city. Amsterdam (2016)

Š       Co-organizer Summerschool on Citizen Empowerment and Civic Media, Amsterdam (2016)

Š       Co-organizer and coordinator Erasmus Mundi International Summerschool on Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research, Utrecht (2014)

Š       Chair Conference on Biometrics and Identity Management (BIOID) 2008, Roskilde

Š      Co-founder and Chairman of the Games for Health Conference, 2012 onwards, the Netherlands

Š       Organizer. Games for Health Jam 2011, 2012, 2013. Eindhoven

Š       Organizer Conference. Anarchives: Connection Machines, V2 Rotterdam 2002


Editorial Boards

Š       Editor of the International Journal of Serious Games (2014 onwards)

Š       Editor of special issue of Thematic issue of the Journal of Ambient Intelligent Systems, (2013) on Playful Interactions and Serious Games

Š       Editor of the special issue of the journal for IET Signal Processing. Special Issue Biometric Recognition (2010)

Š       Editor of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS): Biometrics and Identity Management, Springer Verlag (2008)

Š       Editor of the special issue of the journal Computer Vision and Image Understanding Elsevier (2008)

Š       Editor Conference Proceedings for Int Conference on Biometrics and Identity Management (BIOID) Springer Verlag 2008

Š       Editor conference Proceedings European Conference on Games for Health (2013 onwards) Springer Verlag


Program Committees & Reviews


Š       International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (ENTETAIN 2016)

Š       International Conference on Serious Games JSCG Brisbane 2016

Š       International Conference on Interaction Design for Children (IDC) 2013, 2014

Š       International Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Š       International Conference on Computer Human Interaction in Play (CHI Play) 2014, 2015

Š       International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)

Š       International Conference on Biometrics (ICB)

Š       Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2009, 2010

Š       International Conference on Fun and Games (FG)

Š       Eur. conference on the Advancement of Assistive Technology (AAATE2011)

Š       2th International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding ’11, 2011, Amsterdam

Š       Playful Post Digital Culture Eindhoven 2011

Š       Biometrics and Identity Management (BIOID) 2008, 2009


Reviews for CVPR, ICIP, ICPR, ICB, AAATE, AMI, HBU, Fun &Games, Dutch Game Fund, FP7, FET-Open, Springer, Elsevier, etc



Selection of Articles



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Editorial & Reports

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In the News

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Prof. Dr. M.S. Keane                                              University of Amsterdam       

Prof. Dr. M.I. Brin                                                  University of Maryland

Dr. F. van der Ploeg,                                             Secretary of State for Culture, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. A.M.W.  Smeulders                            University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. S.J. van Strien                                        University van Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. D. Saupe                                                   Universität Leipzig



Š       Living Labs Global Award The app that gets teenagers moving. Brazil 2012.

Š       Dropstuff Award 2012 in ‘Please to meet you’ game design competition: ‘Wordsnake’.

Š       “Giving Eyes to ICT” nominated for Stieltjes Price 2001, for best scientific thesis. Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Š       Thesis CDROM "Giving Eyes to ICT,” Bronze World Medal for Design in the Category New Media, sub-category Information and Education, 2001. New York Arts Festival, New York, USA.

Š       Webby Award in Game Design, Desk Creative Technology together with the Dutch Design Institute 1996





Supervisor of PhD Students

























O. Ambekar. Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)

Promotor: Prof. A. Jain, MSU (t.b.c.)

A. Sponselee.  J.F. Schouten School for User-System Interaction Research, Eindhoven

Co Promotor: Prof. D. Bouwhuis TU/e

A. van der Beemt, Fontys University of Applied Science

A. van der Ven, Fontys University of Applied Science

Co Promotor:  Prof. Eggen TU/e

Menno Deen, Fontys University of Applied Science

Rob Tieben, Eindhoven University.


Pepijn Rijnbout, Eindhoven University.

Linda de Valk, Eindhoven University.

Promotor:  Prof. Dr. Ir. B. Eggen

Riemer van Rozen

Martijn Kors, Eindhoven University.

Marije ter Brink HVA


Authentication and profiling media in smart environments. CWI


A user-centered approach on smart home technology and acceptance by the elderly

Lectureship Ambient Intelligence & Design


Youth Culture and Serious Gaming

Lectureship Serious Game Design

Embodied Human Computer Interaction

Lectureship  Ambient Intelligence & Design


Intrinsic Motivation for Serious Gaming

Lectureship Serious Game Design

Curiosity in Serious Game Design and Playful Interaction

Decentralized Smart Playgrounds


Interaction in Decentralized Smart Playgrounds


Automated Game Design

Persuasive Game Design

Social Interaction for Collective Exploration



PhD Committees



Pongpanote Gongsook

Interactive Diagnostic Game for Time Perception




Supporting the development of online serious games


Danu Pranantha

Experiments in Flow and Learning in Games


Christiane Moser (Salzburg University)

Child-Centered Game Development


Koray Balcž (Bogazici University)

Player Profiling and Analysis of Abusive Behavior in Social Games.


Ekim Tan (Delft University of Technology)

Negotiation and Design for the Self-Organizing City: Gaming as a method for Urban Design


Fons Dehing

Preparing students for workplace learning in higher engineering education.


Douglas Rushkoff (University of Utrecht)

Monopoly Moneys: The media environment of corporatism and the player’s way out.


Vadim Zaytsev

Recovery, Convergence and Documentation of Languages







Invited Lectures (Selection from 2010 onwards)


Invited Speaker Design & the City, 21 April Amsterdam



Keynote Speaker IWA World Water Congress, Brisbane, Australia

Invited Speaker. Nedrelandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie, 1 April 2016, Maastricht


Invited Speaker M.I.T. Civic Media Lab & Northeastern University Boston


Invited Interview. Gala der Wetenschap. Stadsschouwburg 28 November 2015. Avondvullend Programma


Invited Lecture Bogazici University Istanbuhl


Invited Lecture. Mini Symposiun Design for Games for Children. Salzburg


Invited Speaker E Health Week, Latvia European Presidency


Inaugural Lecture Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Invited Panel Discussion. CRISP Research Closing Days


Invited Lecture. Summerschool ?


Talk Best Paper Award, International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play. East Lansing USA


Keynote Talk and Forum. Kennis Café de Balie ism met KNAW, de Volkskrant en NEMO


Inited Lecture. Nederlands Instituut Athene Orange Grove Incubator. Athene


Invited Lecture. Indo-Dutch Science Collaboration (NWO-DeitY), India.


Keynote Speech: International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AMI 2013). Playing the Challenge of Ambient Intelligence, December 5,  2013. Dublin


Keynote Speaker Summerschool on Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research, Utrecht


Invited Lecture: Serious Gaming in the Netherlands by invitation of the Dutch Embassy, Seminar Games in the Netherlands, Fukuoaka Japan, 17 September 2013.


Invited Lecture. Cinekid Award Ceremony: Play, 18 October 2013, Amsterdam.


Invited Lecture. Bibliotheek Eindhoven


Keynote Speech. 23rd TAFISA World Congress. How Serious Gaming can contribute to sustainability and sport for all. Saturday 26th of October 2013, Enschede


Keynote Speech: International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AMI 2013), Dublin


Designing for playful interaction in intelligent systems. Internet of Things Event, Eindhoven June 2013



Invited Lecture. The role of Play Studium Generale University of Utrecht


Invited Lecture MAD Art Centrum Eindhoven


Invited Lecture. Play Institute for Design Research, Nederlands Kampioenschap Gamen, 16 Juni 2012


Invited Lecture. Do Serious Games make a better world. The citizen scientist on the Move. Conference de Waag & Universiteit van Utrecht, 25-27 Juni 2012


Invited Lecture. The Role of Play for Rehabilitation, Opening Interactive Play Wall (NOYON) Revalidatie Centrum Blixembosch, 11 Mei 2012


Inaugural Lecture. The Role of Play. Festival STRP S , Keynote Lecture, 2011, Eindhoven


Invited Lecture. Play Design the City. PICNIC 2011, Amsterdam


Invited Lecture. Smart Cities, Provoking and facilitating Interactions. PICNIC 2011, Amsterdam


Invited Lecture Systems, Art and Play. KABK (Art Academy), 2011, the Haque


Playful Identity in Game Design and Open Ended Play. Conference Homo Ludens 2.0. Utrecht.


Invited Lecture. Kinder college University of Tilburg: Games are Fun, 2010


Invited Lecture. Playful Interaction & Citizenship. Pecha Kucha Night, Brussels, 28 Januari 2010


TED X Maastricht


Invited Lecture ICT en Kunst


Invited Lecture. Internet of Things. PICNIC 2010, 2010 Amsterdam





Research Projects





















Smart Play Sets (for training motor skills). COMMIT

175.000 Euro. HVA, NYOYN, Janssen-Fritsen



Gaming in Therapy. Raak Publiek. Partners: Fontys, HVA, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Mondriaan, GGz Eindhoven.

Budget 500.000 Euro


Persuasive Games. NWO (Creative Industries).  Partners: University of Utrecht, Erasmus University. Budget 1M Euro


PlayFit. NL-RaakPro (SKO). Partners: TU/e, RANJ, EmbeddedFitness, Stichting Sport en Technologie, ROC Noord Brabant. Budget:1.5 M Euro.



CRISP:I-PE (Dutch National Funding) Partners: Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology,, Sports & Technology, Almende, Kompan a.o. Budget:1.5 M Euro.


Therapeutic Toys fro Fine and gross motor skills




Serious Gaming for therapy adherence of School youth with mental problems




Design Research on persuasive games. Theory on persuasive technologies and validation.


Playful Interaction for active lifestyle, targeted at children with obesity. Play activities combined with educational activities.


Project Partner. Intelligent Play

Environments to stimulate social and physical activities




SIXPAC NL-RaakINT. Partners: E-media Lab Leuven, University of Aarhus, DigiFit, Embedded Fitness, Ready2Improve. Budget 477 K Euro.

Play & Games for Healthcare. Business models and Design.










Share-IT. EU-Interreg. Partners: Venice city council, social partners from Poland, Hongary, Sweden. Budget: 350 K Euro.


Robo MD. EU-Interreg. Innovation for  Welfare. Partners: Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU), Italian National Research Council (CNR), University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Total Budget: 550.000 Euro.


Storytelling Play  and Games for Social Inclusion targeted toward (social) minorities


Robots and playful interaction for ICT for Ambient Assisted Living.




EU-COST 2101,36 EU. University of Surrey, Kent, Madrid, UTwente (a.o)

Total Budget: 15 M Euro.




Member of the Board COST Unsupervised multimodal biometric authentication



Short CV


Ben Schouten graduated from the Rietveld Art Academy in 1983. He found himself interested in patterns and iconography, and discovered his fascination for mathematics. In August 1995 he received a Master’s degree in mathematics, specializing in chaos theory. In 1996 Ben Schouten founded, providing innovative internet related solutions. Together with the Dutch Design Institute (Vormgevings Instituut), Desk was internationally acknowledged with a webby award in gaming.


In 2001 he received his PhD for his thesis on content based image retrieval and interfaces that allow browsing & searching for images in an intuitive way, according to human perception. His thesis was acknowledged with a Bronze World Medal for Design in the New Media category, sub-category Information and Education, in New York, USA.


In the following years Ben Schouten started a group in Biometrics and Human Behavior Analysis in Smart Environments at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI, Amsterdam) as well as teaching at the Utrecht School of Art & Technology (HKU) in Interaction Design and Gaming. In 2010 he was appointed Full Professor Playful Interactions in Smart Environments at Eindhoven University of Technology and in 2013 Lector of Play & Civic Media Research at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His group focuses on play for social innovations, citizen empowerment and culture. He is an advisor for the European Commission on the ‘Internet of Things’ as well as for the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, responsible for E-culture.