Rich Interaction
Nowadays we are surrounded by highly interactive products; we have mobile phones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, and MP3-players. While such products differ in form, they are all operated in the same way, through on-screen menus and navigation-buttons. Frens explores an alternative paradigm for the operation of interactive products: rich interaction. He has defended his thesis on Wednesday 19th of April 2006 at the TU/e.
Designing for Rich Interaction
Interactive products have three properties: form, interaction, and function. In conventional interactive products these properties are often designed independently. Frens proposes a new approach for designing interactive products. This approach starts from people’s skills and aims at aesthetic interaction while concurrently exploring and designing the three properties so that the resulting products have a unity of form, interaction, and function.
From rich to conventional
Frens designed a digital camera that is operated by means of rich actions instead of the button-presses so typical for conventional interactive products. This rich interactive digital camera (RI Camera) was compared to a conventional camera with buttons in an experiment. The experiment showed that the rich actions of the RI Camera are preferred over the buttons of the conventional camera. Moreover, no difference in usability could be found between the RI Camera and the conventional camera.
Prototypes in action
During the course of this research project four working prototypes of digital cameras were made, each with a different interaction style. The interaction styles range from rich to conventional. To see the prototypes in action, please click one of the pictures below. (this will bring up a new window)
rich actions light controls mixed actions conventional controls
abstract samenvatting thesis
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