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Contact Details
Capacity Group User-Centred Engineering
Department of Industrial Design
Eindhoven University of Technology
Laplace 1.88a, P.O.Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

E-mail: m.m.bekker@tue.nl
Telephone: +31 40 2475239
Fax: +31 40 2473285


Professional info

I am an associate professor at the Capacity Group User-Centred Engineering, of the Faculty of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. I am also an Honorary Full Professor at the Design School Kolding In Denmark.

My research interests include designing intelligent playful solutions for children and older adults, developing and evaluating design techniques for involving users in (early) design and providing support for design practitioners for the selection and tailoring of design techniques to specific design projects.

I teach and do research in the area of interaction design for children and elderly, more specifically, on user centered design methods, designing for physical and social activities and designing for playful learning.


Recent Activities and News

·         Workshop co-organizer on ‘Intermediate-level Knowledge in Child-Computer Interaction’ at IDC 2018, June, Trondheim.

·         Technical co-chair of CHIplay 2017, Amsterdam, 15 -18 October 2017.

·         Special issue co-editor on values and roles in design with children, in International Journal of Child Computer Interaction, expected end of 2017.

·         Co-chair of the Student Research Competition for CHI 2016, San Jose, CA, USA.

·         Workshop co-organiser on Values and Roles of Children in design at the Interaction Design and Children conference, Manchester, June 2016 http://rolesandvaluesidc2016.inf.usi.ch/2016/04/25/hello-world/


·         Project leader of the Tools for Teachers project on design-based learning, funded by NRO (July 2016 - October 2017).

·         Project member of the European REACH project (2016-2019), on building integrated, personalized physical activation, mobilization, and intervention products and services for the elderly, that are based on and connected advanced sensing and prediction technology.


Past Activities

·         Project leader of the Technology Toolkits for teaching at Schools project (September 2014 - September 2015), funded by municipality of Eindhoven.

·         Project leader of the FES- CRISP project ‘Intelligent Play Environments’ (I-PE), in collaboration with TU Delft, Industrial Design (2011-2015).

·         Project member of the INTERREG project ‘PRO-FIT”, which examines how to create integrated intelligent solutions for sport motivation, and related field-labs (2011-2015)

·         Doctoral Consortium (Co-) Chair of Interaction Design and Children conference IDC 2014, June 17 -20, Aarhus, Denmark.

·         FabLearn 2014, Member of Program Committee, Aarhus, 16 juni 2014.

·         Workshop co-organiser, with Janet Read and Eva Ericksson, Participatory Design and Digital Fabrication, at FabLearn 2014, June 16th, Aarhus, Denmark.

·         Project member of the European M4all project, on designing Kinect-based games for children with special needs (December 2012 – December 2014).

·         Project member of the Play-Fit project, in collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences (2010-2014).


·         The Developmentally Situated Design (DSD) card set (developed with Alissa Antle), containing knowledge from child development to support making design decisions, was selected as winner of the DEVICE Best Practice Award for design targeted at vulnerable generations - children and elderly people, March 2014.

·         Best paper award (co-author) for paper on Designing for playful experiences in open-ended intelligent play environments, at the IADIS International Conference Game and Entertainment Technologies (2012).

·         Received Education Innovation Award 2012 to develop a course on Designing for Games and Play for bachelor students at Eindhoven University of Technology.

·         Board member of the International Society of Gerontechnology (ISG) (2010-2014).


·         Project member of the SixPac project, aimed at using social media and games to stimulate sports, play and physical activity in public spaces, in collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences (May 2012- August 2013).


·         Treasurer of the International Society of Gerontechnology (2010-2012).

·         Visiting Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and technology, at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (2010).


·         Project leader of the IOP-MMI project “Evaluating Children’s Technologies”

·         Special issue of Interacting with Computers (2003) on “Interaction Design and Children".

·         Co-chair of "Interaction Design and Children" IDC 2002 (1st event of a series).