P1: Case


Dr. ir. M.M. Bekker, IPO, Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr. P. Markopoulos, IPO, Eindhoven University of Technology


Mathilde Bekker

Communication device for children

Florian Egger

E-service: p-to-p payment system

Panos Markopoulos


Jacques Terken

Tracking system for IPO


After following this module students should be able to:



The module is based on working on a design project in two iterations. The first iteration will take two days. During these days a conceptual design will be developed, experiencing some of the problems on solving a design problem. During the second iteration, that will cover the rest of the year, the team will follow a user-centred design approach to create a design solution for the chosen design problem. Students have to give presentations during this process to keep track of progress and the decisions that have been made. The final presentation will be given about the findings of the usability test and how these have been translated to ideas for improving the design. Students will gain hands-on experience in solving a design problem. Mayhew, D.J. (1999) will be used to provide an overview of the issues to be considered when designing interfaces. Other relevant literature will be handed out during the module.


The emphasis of the module will be on going through a complete design process from problem definition to implementation and testing. Work will be performed in groups, who will meet in plenary sessions to present progress.

Amount of time available:

Design process:

(indicative schedule, workplan to be defined in collaboration with supervisors)



Preliminary schedule and deadlines/ presentations

  • Determine design scope and initial workplan

2 days (5 weeks)

week 45, Tuesday 7 Nov 2000

  • Gather literature and requirements (user profile, task analysis, needs analysis, technological constraints)

6 days (12 weeks)

week 06, Tuesday 6 Feb 2001

  • Conceptual design (design the activity) and evaluation

5 days (10 weeks)

week 18, Tuesday 1 May 2001

  • Detailed design and evaluation

5 days (10 weeks)

week 33, Tuesday 14 Aug 2001

  • Implementation and evaluation

22 days (2 weeks part-time and 4 weeks fulltime)

week 40, Tuesday 2 Oct 2001

week 41, Tuesday 9 Oct 2001