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Buggy tricks - 2 wheel tricks

2 wheel drive

make sure you have a long and wide space, sail along with the wind perpendicular to your buggy direction and bring the kite down in a swoop. While the kite is coming down and pulling, steer the buggy into the wind and position your body at approx 45 degrees towards one side and front of the buggy, using your leg to make some down force into the buggy frame. As soon as your wheel is up, due to the pull force of the sail and your "unorthodox" position, start controlling your "lift" by steering the buggy more into the wind if the wheel is going down, or downwind if the buggy dangerously nears the vertical position. Kite pull control will also help in keeping you with just the right amount of lift. You don't need a gale force wind nor high speed to achieve lift, it's a matter of weight and balance.
make sure you wear full armor...

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