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Dual line tricks - Combinations

Barrel roll

Start in a low ground pass. Pop the kite into a
Half axel and then pull early (before the nose is fully away from you) on the other hand as if rising up to a Fade. Pulling on one hand causes the kite to start rotating while it's coming up into the Fade. Ideally the Fade should come in so that the back of the kite is mere inches of the ground. The kite continues to rotate, as if turning around the spine and eventually recovers to continue flying in the original direction.
If it happens quickly and smoothly it looks like an impossibly low trick that has no business not crashing into the ground.

Rising Flic-Flac

Start in a dive, flatten out and then pop into a
Fade (actually, you can start into the Flic-Flac any way you like, but a power dive/kill/fade is my favorite). Hold it for a second and then do a single Flic-Flac back into a Fade. And repeat....
The clever part is killing the kite out fairly gently so that it doesn't loose any height and then popping it hard into a Fade and letting it rise slightly from the pressure (Elevator). The overall effect is the syncopated beat of Flic-Flac with the held Fade and the kite rising all the way up the window. That's why the power dive works so well to start into it.


Fly right to left. At the edge of the window, pop the upper hand as if starting a
Kickturn/Half Axel, but add extra slack to let the nose of the kite flare up so the back of the kite is presented towards you. Pause a second....(for effect).....and then gently, but firmly pull on the left hand to flip the nose of the kite down and then up through the Fade position while also spinning 180 degrees around its spine. Like a Flic-Flac but with a 180 twist. The kite starts nose up, back towards you and ends up in the same position but a kite's width or two off to the right. Then do the same with the opposite hand and repeat ad infinitum. Start out at one side of the window and you can continue this move most of the way across the window.

Slap and tickle

Do a
yo-yo close to the ground, that leads to a wing tip stand. While in the tip stand, pull the lines to spin the kite around the tip that is touching the ground.

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