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Dual line tricks - Rolls

Lateral Roll

Start in a
fade, push one hand, pop the other, kite rolls (more or less) around the spine.

Limey Twist

A sequence of one or more Lateral rolls while flying down. Fly the kite up and throw hands forward at 75 % to kill the kite onto it's back. Now give a fast sharp tug on both lines, followed by a little slack, to recover the kite up and pull the nose towards you and down until pointing towards the ground. The back of the kite should be facing you with the lines running down and coming under the leading edge.
At the point when the nose drops down and makes contact with the lines across the leading edge, give a firm and fairly steady pull on one line. The force of the nose traveling down when contacting a now tight line on which pressure is being applied, causes the free wing to continue to travel away from you, inducing the kite to twist laterally and roll around the spine. The kite should continue to fly downwards during the twist and further rolls can be introduced by coaxing the lines alternately in sync with the kites rotation.

Pop Lateral

Fly down, kill the kite out, pop into a
fade with both hands then continue to pull on one and slack the other. Kite goes straight up into a fade and then rotates around the spine.

Slamming limey twist/Lime Wedge

This is a
Limey twist performed close to the ground so that the nose of the kite makes contact with the ground while twisting. The kite continues to roll around the spine while in contact with the ground, until it has spun around to land on it's tips.

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