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Dual line tricks - Turtles

Kick start

This launch starts out like the
French Toast but has a different exit. From the Pancaked position give both lines a hard and even pull, followed very quickly by a big release, probably involving stepping forward. The kite will pop up nose down, roll onto its back nose towards the flyer (like a Flic-Flac) but the extra release will allow the nose to rise, showing the back of the kite slightly. Now pull the left line slightly back and hold it. The kite will pop horizontally into the wind, nose to the left and with the back of the sail towards the flyer. Pull quickly on both lines to reverse this (nose to the right, sail right way around) and fly off. This launch needs very fast hands and is best performed with kites that perform turtle-Flic-Flac type moves well.

Ninja turtle/Dead turtle/Dead stop turtle

Dive the kite vertically, make a hard and fast pull-pull turn of 180 degrees then push evenly and quickly forward to both stop the rotation and put the kite onto its back. To resume flight do a
Turtle release.
This also makes a very impressive landing but very close attention must be paid to the height at which the move is initiated.

Toast rack

French Toast starts with the kite on its belly with the nose away from you. A quick jerk on both lines following by a release causes the kite to jump up and invert so that the nose is towards you and the kite is on its back. The lines are resting over the top of the kite. Pull and release both lines again to flip the nose down, away from you, up over itself and then back towards you as the kite resumes the same position, but instead with the lines running down over the trailing edge and under the kite towards you. Keep pulling and releasing to repeat this motion.

This repeated move is generally called a Flic-Flac (or Poisoned Ivy or Cuckoo Clock). By accentuating the "down" beat (that is, when the lines start under the kite) and going easy on the "up" beat (when the lines start on top of the kite), you can create lift. Start with a French Toast and continue with a rising flic-flac and you have a Toast Rack.

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