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Indoorflying - Spins

Archimedes screw

Start with the kite flat on the ground (belly down), grab a tip and, very gently at first, spin the kite, nose first, around your body, trying to keep the kite as flat as possible. As you turn, the kite should lift. Let it do it's own thing as much as possible as any pressure on the tip might snap it clean off. Keeping spinning around until the kite reaches head height and then give it a final flick so that it
Flat Spins around itself, just above your head, while you walk back and take up the slack.


Fly the kite down, flatten out and pop a hard
Flat Spin that brings the kite towards you. Catch the kite or simply duck and let it pass right over your head (the lower the better) until it's right out the other side. Take up the slack and fly out. This is also great to do outside in light wind when you can fly the kite hard *into* the wind and then use that wind to really get it whipping back towards you.

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