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Quad line tricks - Axels

Rev Axel

The Rev axel is a similar move as the dual-line
axel. Let some slack into one hand (say, the right) and in particular, push back the bottom. Then, in a single movement, flick the right hand, putting the emphasis on the bottom line and let slack out with the left hand. If you pull on the upper line, the kite tends to do an upright axel, more like a cartwheel. With the correct "flick", the kite should flatten out and spin flat.

And here's an alternative description:
With the kite moving across the window, throw out the hand that is connected to the bottom of the kite. This will let the kite flatten out. With the kite gliding flat through the wind, simply give a quick pull on the same hand that you threw out. Be sure to keep your wrist bent so that you are pulling the kite from the bottom line. The kite will spin around and as you put you hands back to neutral, your Rev will pop back into the wind. The kite can go around more than once in this spin (although it is easier in light wind).

And another one:
with the rev horizontal, leading edge up, put both handles in one hand. Quickly reach out and grab one of the top fly lines with your free hand and give a sharp tug. This one works with the rev on the ground as well.

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