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Quad line tricks - Flips

Rev Back flip

Fly to the top of the window, place both handles in one hand, reach up and grab both bottom lines with your free hand. Now give them a small smooth tug. The bottom wingtips will pop forward and up, leaving the kite facing leading edge down. Before the kite falls down, pull both bottom lines again to recover.

Rev Flic-Flac

For starters, it's best if you fit a trick line. Run a length of line from the end of the top spar, down to the bottom of the upright, across to the other upright and back up to the other end of the leading edge. This line stops the flying lines from digging right up into the bottom of the sail.

The easiest way to do the trick was to take both handles in your left hand and grab the bottom lines with your right hand. Pull both bottom lines sharply and then release. The flaps of the Rev get should get pulled towards you and then released quickly enough so that they spin right back and over the leading edge. The kite should now be wrapped around its lines. Pull sharply on both handles (in your left hand) to unwrap it. Then pull the bottom lines again to wrap, pull to unwrap, etc., etc....

Get the timing right and you get the characteristic "Flic-Flac" motion as the kite wrap, unwraps, wraps, unwraps, etc. Looks pretty cool.

A slightly different method - hold one handle in each and and jab your hands down sharply (to pull mainly on the bottom lines) and then release. It seems to require more precision and control, but had the benefit of not slicing his fingers up on the lines :-)

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