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Quad line tricks - Launches

One handed up and over

With the kite on the floor in the launch ready position, place both handles in one hand. Doesn't matter which one, but let's assume you use the right hand. With that hand extended out to your right side as far as it will go, tilt the top of the handles back and gently launch by using a sweeping motion to your left side. As the kite goes over the top, you may want to do one of two things in order to keep pressure in the sail. One would be to start bringing your arm in toward your body. The other method is to move your body away from the direction of the kite. Both will work, as well as a combination of the two. Experiment to see which you like best.
Once you have mastered the one handed up and over, try doing a reverse up and over one handed. It's the same motions, but for some reason, for most people reversing the kite is more difficult.

Rev 3D Launch

If you land the kite face down with the leading edge towards you, it's not always easy to get it up straight away. Simply put both handles in your left hand and grab the bottom line of the right handle in your right hand. Now give this line a sharp tug and the kite flies up towards you in a flat spin. Looks way cool. Be careful of the lines though - they can cut. Wrap a piece of insulation tape around the upper part of your first finger to protect yourself when 3D'ing.

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