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Quad line tricks - Spins

Rev Flat spin

Fly the kite right out to the right of the window with the leading edge facing out towards the right. Push your right hand forwards to let the right hand side of the kite (nearest the ground) fall way back away from you. Then, with a quick flick of the left wrist across your body and down to the left, the kite should flatten out and flat spin (strobe?) across towards the left of the window.

Stairway to heaven

Start by hovering upside down near the ground, center of the window. Sharply pull bottom line in left hand. The kite does a "semi-flat" spin counterclockwise. Catch the kite when it is again inverted. Now do the same with the right hand. Catch it when inverted again etc... The end result is that the kite does a "fountain" type move up the wind window, as each "catch" would end up a little higher in the window than the last. It looks like the kite is going up stairs...

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