Kite flying

A collection of descriptions that should make clear how to perform some basic moves, and a lot of tricks....


This page started out as a partly extraction from Dodd Gross's "DJ Sport Kites" 1994 catalog (with Dodd's permission !) together with a few postings in rec.kites. The list has grown a lot since then, because a lot of people have contributed, most of them via rec.kites and e-mail.
Special thanks should go to for their extensive contributions (order of above list irrelevant...).


A lot of trick descriptions refer to a specific side (left/right) of the wind window explicitly stating which hand to use to do what and which direction the kite will go. Of course, since we all want to be ambidextrous (love that word too...), most descriptions can be mirrored in the center of the wind window.....
Use your imagination here ! In fact use your imagination anywhere, maybe some new tricks will come up.....

Adding difficulty levels

Some people have shown interest in adding difficulty levels to the tricks. Since I'm not an experienced flyer, AND it's nearly impossible to be objective about this, It's probably best to have a lot of people decide.

Since a lot of people would like a list of some sort that gives an order in which to learn the tricks, here's one for the basic moves. It's not the only way to do it, it's a way to do it. A list for the rest of the tricks would be very difficult since people tend to find different things difficult...

After you know how to do these consistently, you probably know what makes tricks difficult for you, and you can pick the next ones yourself.

More tricks

Other nice documents to look at are the STACK compulsory figures page and the Animated stack kite figures.


There are french and german translations of this page.
Also I've made a zipped version of the complete html file available on request. Note that this file is not completely self contained. You' be missing the and pictures.

If you have additional information on a trick (clearer description, know who invented it) or if you know a trick that is not in this page. or if you have any other remarks or additional info ? mail me (

I split up the tricks file to allow for faster download times but since I guess there are people who print this stuff I have the single file version handy as well.


Last modification : Friday June 22, 2001.

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