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Have you ever wanted to talk interactively about kites with other computer users in other parts of the world ? Well now you can ! IRC (Internet Relay Chat) provides the means to have an interactive conversation, using the world-wide internet. This document will not explain in detail how to use IRC, there are many well written documents about that. What it does tell you is how to get a program that enables you to use IRC, and how to get onto the kites channel....

What is IRC

IRC is a means to communicate with other computer users by means of IRC servers and IRC clients. An IRC client is a program that connects to a server, a server is a program that transports data from one user client to another. These servers usually run on somewhat larger systems, since they have a lot of data to transport... Once connected to an IRC server and having joined a channel you can talk to everybody that also joined that channel.

Getting an IRC client

To connect to an IRC server you need a program for your computer that does so -- the IRC client. To use such a program you must have a means to connect to internet. If you don't have that... forget about it !
There's also a possibility to connect to IRC using an IRC client written in Java. These are available on several places on the net and starting one is as simple as browsing to the correct page using your web browser. All you have to do is fill in the nam you want to use and the channel you want to go to (#kites). You can try

IRC is avalable for a wide range of platforms. You can find where to get clients for most platforms in this IRC clients document.

Connecting to a server

Installation is described in detail in the documentation that comes with the clients. Something which is general to all these programs is that you must choose which server you want to connect to. There are many possibilities for this. Below is a list of servers that are connected to DALnet (the IRC network chosen for now). Choose one from this list, preferrably the one closest to you, or one you know to be good and on DALnet. I did not check out every server on this list....
This list is also available via
More information about dalnet can be found at the DALnet home page.

name                port            location
-------------------------------------------------------------------------         6667,7000       Reconnects to an available DALnet server		6667,7000		most used for #kites    6667,7000       New South Wales, Australia         6667,7000       Hoffman Estates, Illinois USA       6666,6667,7000  Davis, California USA      6668,7000       Salt Lake City, Utah USA       6667,7000       Toledo, Ohio USA     6667,7000       Rohnert Park, California USA         6665-6667,7000  Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA   6668,7000       Bristol, England, UK    6665-6669,7000  Vancouver, Washington, USA   6668,6669,7000  San Jose, California, USA         6667,7000       Lexington, Kentucky, USA       6667,7000       Honolulu, Hawaii USA     6667,7000       Houston, Texas USA     6667-6669,7000  New Brunswick, New Jersey USA    6667,6668,7000  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA     7000            Toronto, Canada    6667,7000       Toronto, Canada        6667,7000       Charlotte, North Carolina USA         6667,7000       Vermillion, South Dakota USA         6668,7000       Espoo, Finland

Joining the kites channel

When you established a connection to an IRC server you can join the kites channel by issuing a "/join #kites" command.
Who you will find present there (if any), will depend strongly on where you live (there's this time difference thing). As it is now, there are three people trying to keep this channel open, but since everybody needs some sleep sometime (and we all live in about the same time zone) this fails lots of times. You're welcome to keep the channel open if you like, in that way you'll be there if someone else comes along, but there is hardly any fun talking to yourself using a computer.....

More info

For more IRC related information check out these :

Kite channel and/or platform specific questions

#kites questions ?

Mac:John Staplehurst
Unix:Andrew Beattie
Windows/Dos/Unix:Peter Peters