Kite names, pictures and descriptions

Don't tell me to include small images in this list, it will take ages for you to download this page if it grows to be to what it's intended to be...

To view one of the kites, simply click upon it's name.

For those of you that don't have a windspeed conversion table at hand I have one right here (Use this one if you have netscape). Or you can use the speed/weight translator form. If you have difficulties in determining windspeed take a look at this table.

Do take a look at the review FAQ. A lot of kites of the list are reviewed there. Tons of useful advice/info !

My home built kites are grouped together on this page.

Single line kites

Blackfoot's magic gourd (46k)
Critter (39k)
Delta conyne (16k)
Edo (34k)
a fighter (name??)(16k)
a flowform (name??)(26k)
Fugu (42k)
Lester's Legs (22k)
Rokakku (26k)
Superfly (34k)
Tiger Parafoil (35k)
Trilobyte (73k)

Dual line kites

Aerial (27k)
Air F/X (14k)
Box of Tricks (12k)
Californian Wasp (10k)
Chevron (remote)
Cicade (30k)
Devotion (14k)
Dyna Kite (16k)
Flash Fire (19k)
Flexifoil (15k)
Free Spirit (33k)
Fusion (19k)
Gizmo (30k)
Huff (18k)
Innerspace (15k)
Jam Session (13k)
Jordan Air Milennium (15k)
Jordan Air Spec. (23k)
Jordan Air X-1. (17k)
Keops (25k)
La Hembra (13k)
Lunamoth (23k)
Maestrale (31k)
M.E.F.M. (42k)
North Shore Extreme (36k)
North Shore Radical (35k)
Paraflex (12k)
Phantom Elite (12k)
Peel (19k)
Prism Eclipse (21k)
Prism Ion (10k)
Psycho (16k)
Radix (48k)
Reflex (10k)
Shenk stack (29k)
Speed Limit (35k)
Speedwing (28k)
Spinoff (34k)
Stranger (27k)
Stripes (27k)
TC Ultra (30k)
Teamkite (22k)
Total Eclipse (35k)
Tek III (15k)
Tracer (28k)
Tracker (17k)
Tramontana (27k)
Trlby (13k)
Twister (9k)
UL Ultra (11k)
Vector (30k)
Wind Cheater (14k)
Xitr (13k)

Quad line kites

Beautiful Evil (22k)
Quadrifoil (19k)
Revolution (16k)
Symphony (24k)
Synergy-Deca (26k)

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