Kite software

On these pages I put kite software related links. Take care...The links pointing directly to software on my own site may be referring to an old version, although I try to keep it up to date !


Kite Master
      A game/simulation of flying a stunt kite.
      (make sure to read the instructions! this program is very unforgiving...).

      A game/simulation of flying a quad line revolution.

Kite Flight (demo)
      A design/simulation program for flying routines.

Kite Designer
      A kite design program in Basic.

Windows Kite Designer
      Windows kite designer program.

Mac 68K, Mac PPC, Mac FAT or Windows version of "Kity".
      Kite flying game/simulation.

kite shaped animated mouse cursor for win95

rev, fighters, Japanese fighter, fx
      More animated mouse cursors for win95, and an explanation what to do

Stunt kite simulation

Softkite 3D designer

Windows 3.1/95/NT screensaver

      Airfoil plotting and wing design software

      shareware CAD program for template design that allows printing over several pages.

      A win95 help file containing helpfull stuff for making a "HATA" fighter kite.

      A win95 program to help designing the pdj enhanced nasa wing.

      A windows program by David Forsyth to help designing the sputnik cross bridle. (the original stuff can be found here)

      Traction kite design software.

ROLF new!added 20010223
      Flight figures emulation.


Bob's java kite
      Kite flying game/simulation (Netscape/Java).

      Revolution flying game/simulation (Netscape/Java).

The kite
      Kite flying simulation (Netscape/Java).