Curriculum vitae Peter Peters

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Name:Peter Peters
Address:Nassaustraat 9
Postal code:5682 AD
Email:p . j . f . peters (at) tue . nl
Date of birth:September 1, 1956
City of birth:Best
Matrimonial status:Married
Children:2 (1988,1990)
Education:Atheneum B (diploma 1974)
HTS Electronics (diploma 1980)
HTO course PTDSN
CSO course PTDSN
System maintenance/administration courses SUN workstations
System service course SUN workstations
System maintenance/administration course SUN enterprise server
M.Sc. Computer Science (diploma 1999)
Hobby's:Building and flying kites.
Ham radio.
Software development.
Working experience:1980-1988 : Philips Telecommunication en Data Systems, The Netherlands
1988-now  : Eindhoven University of Technology

1980-1988 : Philips Telecommunication and Data Systems, the Netherlands.

A lot of my work at PTDSN was related to the development of private telephony switching systems. Because of the diversity of subjects I encountered in this job, I gained experience using several programming languages (assembler (Z80, Z800, 8086/8088), Pascal and Chill) on several computer systems (Zilog, Philips and IBM , DEC/TOPS20, VAX/VMS).
What follows is a list of most subjects with some details.

1988-now: Eindhoven University of Technology.

The working equipment at the EUT mainly consists of Unix workstations (Sun, SunOS and Solaris) and personal computers (MS/DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows95, Windows98, Linux). The programs I've written are done in different languages: bourne shell script, c-shell script, Perl, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Java, ASP,PHP and HTML. Due to the type of work I do, I'm familiar with all of these types of computers, operating systems and languages.

The activities listed below summarize the work I've been doing in the past as well as what I'm currently doing. The order is (kind of) chronological.