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Panos Markopoulos 


Full Professor

Chair: Design for Behaviour Change

Director PDEng Program in User System Interaction  


Department of Industrial Design

Eindhoven University of Technology

Visiting address: La Place 32, 1.102

Postal address: P.O. Box 513, Den Dolech 2, 5600 Eindhoven

Package delivery:  de Rondom 70, 5612 AP Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Tel.:   +31 40 247 5247
Fax.:   +31 40 247 5376

Panos Markopoulos is a Professor with the User Centred Engineering Group at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the department of Industrial Design, and director of the USI programme. He is also adjunct professor in the Univerisity of Technology Sydney, and distinguished ACM Speaker.

Panos is chief editor of the International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction by Elsevier.

Before coming to TU/e he worked as a researcher at  Queen Mary University of London and Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven.

Panos’s teaching and research relate to ambient intelligence, end user development, interaction design and children, rehabilitation technologies and design for behaviour change. Earlier research has focued on user centered design methods, connectedness oriented communication, task modeling, formal specification of user interfaces, UML and software architectures for user interfaces.


·         You are invited to fill in a survey on Quantified Self behaviours


Recent activities and news

·         General Chair DAPI 2016

·         General Chair IS-EUD 2017

·         Late breaking work co-chair CHI 2016

Some Past Things

·         Co-organizer workshop on End User Development in the Internet of Things Era

·         General Chair DAPI 2015

·         Doctoral consortium chair IS-EUD 2015

·         EU funded collaborative project “Collaborative CrEative design PlaTform” (CONCEPT) 

·         GHOST: FET-Open project on generic, highly organic shape changing interfaces

·         European Masters in Advanced Rehabilitation technologies in the Erasmus funded MSc ART project

·         Program Chair AMI 2014, see the proceedings at Springer

·         Program chair IDC 2014

·         Workshop on Supporting Children with Complex Communication needs at CHI 2014 in Toronto

·      Papers co-chair  (International Conference on Ambient Intelligence) AMI 2012

·      Community on Interaction Design and Children at CHI 2011 and CHI 2012.

·      Co-chair DESIRE'11 conference on creative design.

·      Short papers co-chair at AmI-10

·      Invited talk "Awareness and Persuasion" at IST and UNL in Lisbon, as part of the Design and Computation series.

·      Invited talk at ECCE 2010 on "Embodiment in Games"

·      Special issue of International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI) on "Children and their Interactions with Mobile Technology" edited by Janet Read, Panos Markopoulos and Alison Druin

·      Talk on Ambient Persuasion at Philips Design symposium on "Motivation for Healthy Living", May 20, 2010.

·      Visiting professor at IRIT Universite Paul Sabatier at Toulouse

·      Our Book on Awareness Systems edited with Boris de Ruyter, and Wendy Mackay

·      Special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing -on " Tangibles and Children"  Guest editors: Bieke Zaman, Vero Vanden Abeele, Panos Markopoulos and Paul Marshall

·      See info on newly founded special interest group in Child Computer Interaction.

·      Research project on stroke rehabilitation: Wikitherapist.

·      Participating in Marie Curie Training network DESIRE on the topic of Creative Design

·      Invited talk at Wallenberg Summer School workshop on Social Connectedness in Ambient Intelligence Envioronments, at Stanford University; see whole program.