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Qualitative Research Methods for Interaction Design

USI Programme,  Module E2-1, by Panos Markopoulos

February 2012

The aim of this 80hrs module is for students to familiarize with qualitative research techniques as these can be used for supporting interaction design (sometimes the term Design Research is used to describe these techniques). Students will learn hands-on by executing a research project to develop methodology for user system interaction.

The module starts with an overview of Qualitative Research Methods as they have been adapted for Design Research. It will motivate qualitative research in general and sensitize students to the different priorities of designers and scientists. The module starts with an introduction lecture to Qualitative Research Methods and Design Research methods. It then covers analysis of qualitative data obtained by earlier studies and will then lead on to formulating a new iteration of qualitative data collection. 

The mini project, follows and is combined with the video prototyping course . We use qualitative inquiry method together with quantitative methods where appropriate to develop methodological knowledge regarding video prototyping.




Lecture / Presentations

Deadlines/Presentations by students


Mon 9/2



Briefing regarding mini-research project


 Shoot and edit video material


Tue 10/2 09:30-12:00 Introduction to qualitative research

Qualitative Data Analysis: a simple and practical approach for designers

  Obtaining feedback from video viewers
Wed 11/2 9:30-11:00 Separate team briefings and updates   Analysis of qualitative data

Fri  12/2


Presentations preliminary research results

Conclusions from data analysis and focus group plan

Wed 20/4 9:30-11:00 A gallery of methods    
Thu 21/4 17:00   Hand in report describing the research in paper format (follow SIGCHI paper formatting rules).

Hand in video material


Past Runs of this Course

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