Interaction Design and Children

International Workshop

August 28-29 2002
Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands





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Due to the great interest for the workshop there are no places left anymore.

The registration is closed.

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Keynote speakers

Allison Druin   University of Maryland
sponsored by JFS School of Research in User System Interaction     

  Justine Cassell   MIT Media Laboratory
sponsored by TU/e, Department of Industrial Design


Recent years have seen a growing research interest in children as users of technology and in design methods that will address their specific and changing needs, interests and capacities. This topic has traditionally attracted the interest of child psychologists, marketing studies, and media studies. More recently, the field of human-computer interaction has recognised the need to tailor existing user centred design techniques or to invent new techniques to meet the special requirements of this field.

This conference aims to provide a venue for publishing scientific results, case studies, application experiences for designing interactive technologies for children, the demonstration of novel design concepts, and finally, to encourage delegates for a fruitful exchange of ideas.


Papers are invited on issues relating to the conference theme, especially covering the topics below:

  • Children as participants in the design of interactive systems
  • Evaluation techniques for children users
  • Changing capacities, technological needs and interests of children
  • Interaction design issues in games, educational software, and other interactive products for children
  • Input devices and interaction styles for children
  • Guidelines for designing for children
  • Guidelines for involving children in the design process
  • Successful cases of interaction design involving children
  • Innovative interactive products and technologies aiming at children
  • Techniques for collecting children's requirements early in the design process
  • Empirical studies of children as users of interactive systems
  • Theoretical models of interaction targeting children users.

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