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Privacy In Ambient Intelligence

Seminar for the JFS Schouten School of Research in User System Interaction

Panos Markopoulos

The impact of ambient intelligence on every day life is anticipated to be deep and far-reaching. A critical element of ambient intelligence is awareness: computing environments become aware of the activities of humans and a lot of our fleeting daily experiences can be captured interpreted in unpredictable to us ways and recorded for future use. The spectre of an Orwellian Big Brother troubles most individuals confronted with this vision, but has not so far affected or held back the fast developments pursued by technology manufacturers worldwide. An understanding of privacy in the domain of ambient intelligence or ubiquitous computing and learning to address privacy concern is a critical element of a human centred roadmap to Ambient Intelligence.


Presentations in this Series

P.Markopoulos Mar 04

Altman, I., (1975) The environment and social behaviour.

N. Romero May 04

Petronio, S., (2001) The Boundaries of Privacy.

E.Perik Jun 04

A collection of works by Pedersen on measuring privacy

A. Hans Jul 04

(MSc Thesis) Privacy regulation as a Goal Directed Performance: the Measurement of Privacy Experiences

P.Markopoulos Oct 04

S. Garfinkel (1999) Database Nation

F. Kaiser Nov 04

Privacy Needs in Office Environments: Development of a Behavior-Based Privacy Measure

W.Qi Dec 04

P3P: Platform for Privacy Preferences on the WWW 

J. Khan Jan 05

Pretty Good Privacy

A.Haans Feb 05

On the current status of privacy research in psychology and the contribution of Westin & Altman: Two articles by Stephen Margulis.

N.Romero Mar 05

Common Ground Theory to Analyze Negotiation of Privacy in Awareness Systems

E.Perik Apr 05

"Privacy and Rationality in Decision Making," Alessandro Acquisti and Jens Grossklags.  IEEE Security and Privacy, 2005.

Alessandro Acquisti. Privacy in Electronic Commerce and the Economics of Immediate Gratification. Proceedings of ACM Electronic Commerce Conference (EC 04). New York, NY: ACM Press, 21-29, 2004.

W.Barendregta May 05

Book Review: "Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age" J.M.Kigga, Springer, 2003.

Asimov's Laws of Robotics Implications for Information Technology

S.Mota June 05

Security and Privacy in User Modelling' by Jörg Schreck.

P.Markopoulos Nov 05

Privacy and Proportionality: Adapting Legal Evaluation Techniques to Inform Design in Ubiquitous Computing, by Giovanni Iachello and Gregory Abowd

P. Markopulos Dec 05

Privacy Risk Models for Designing Ubiquitous Computing Systems, by Jason Hong, Jenifer Ng, Scott Lederer, James Landay


Participants will take turns in presenting substantial parts of literature, e.g.,2-3 papers or half bookper session. Session should be monthly. The co-ordinator will start the seminar series and try to adapt the participation structure to ensure a good overview of the very broad literature on this topic is aquired by all participants.

Literature (provisional list)

Workload for PhD students

40 hrs